Not Quite Ready For A Knee Replacement? 3 Treatments To Buy Time

Posted on: 14 April 2021

Although you might need a knee replacement, there can be many reasons to wait before having the procedure, such a health problems or patient preference. In the meantime, your surgeon will recommend conservative treatments to help ease pain and inflammation, while increasing functionality. Pain Relievers The most common method of managing moderate to severe knee pain is taking prescription and OTC pain relievers. Your doctor will generally recommend OTC medications first, before taking more powerful prescription options.
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Tips To Help You Recover After A Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Posted on: 28 January 2021

The joints in the body are what allow a human being to have a full range of motion. Unfortunately, not all joints will remain in good health for a person's lifetime. One joint that can experience a lot of problems is the shoulder. If you have had numerous problems with one of your shoulders and it is not healing through non-invasive treatment, your doctor may recommend that you have shoulder replacement surgery.
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FAQs People Have Before Joint Replacement

Posted on: 21 October 2020

Hearing the words "it's time for a joint replacement" can make your heart drop. Even if you knew that a joint replacement was on the horizon and that it's your best bet for lasting pain relief and increased mobility, you might still feel nervous. The idea of having an entire joint removed from your body and replaced by artificial materials is a bit intimidating. A lot of the fear you're experiencing, though, probably comes from uncertainty and a lack of knowledge.
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3 Things To Do To Prepare For Hip Replacement Surgery

Posted on: 22 July 2020

If you are living with extreme pain and your mobility has been affected by hip issues, your orthopedic doctor may recommend hip replacement surgery. While hip replacement surgery is considered a major procedure, it typically has good outcomes and most people experience a vast improvement in their quality of life after the recovery period. Once your hip replacement surgery is scheduled, it is in your best interest to begin getting prepared.
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